Mar 24, 2008

Upcoming release of SqlDbx 3.19

Major feature of this upcoming release is the Unicode support. There will be two versions of SqlDbx available: Ansi and Unicode. Two versions will be basically the same with some minor differences.
We decided to have two different versions because it seems easier to maintain and update the code and not everybody needs Unicode to begin with. Unicode version handles everything in Unicode. Some peaces of SqlDbx were pretty easy to convert to Unicode and some were not. Editor, UI controls and Results Grid required some minor changes. Most problems were related to the way different Database Servers implement Unicode support in different versions. Sql Server and DB2 were the easiest to convert. They have API similar to ODBC which is Unicode "aware". The most
time consuming was Sybase support. Documentation is sparse and not very clear in some areas.
Seems that everything is working pretty well now.

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