Apr 30, 2008

Things to do next

Ok, release 3.20 is out and now is the time to think what to do next. There's a lot of interest in feature which puts results of every query into a new result tab. I personally think it's not such a great idea. It's easy to end up with a lot of tabs and then it's too confusing. What I am thinking about doing is to add query results to a new tab when Shift key is pressed at the time of query execution. Will implement it this way and see how it works. The other thing I want to improve Intellisense. SQL is not easy language to build Intellisense for. It's not very structured but there's always ways to improve. Another feature which I probably will put into one of the next releases is option to put connection into a read only mode. Basically it will detect any INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements and will not execute them.
Couple days ago decided to do some performance testing between SqlDbx and some other similiar products. Was pleasantly surprised that SqlDbx is faster then any of them and sometimes by large margin and I still thing there's room for improvement.