Feb 3, 2008

SqlDbx Version 3.16 is out

Adding column (block) mode support to Script Editor was not as simple as I anticipated, but it's done and I think it stacks up pretty good against other editors which support block mode.
Last couple of weeks talked to some of our users and it's interesting how some of the features and options they ask for are already implemented, but they never found out about them. One of these features is an ability to save and restore workspace state between restarts. This can be turned on in Options on General Tab, just check "Enable Session State". Also you can save / load it at any time. Look under File->Save Session State and File->Load Session State. Another example is scripting of objects from Object View pane. By default object definition goes to active Script window. This can be changed in Options->Scripting.
Next release will be mostly small fixes and performance improvements in some areas like generating thousands of inserts, export to Excel.

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