Jan 13, 2008

Version 3.15 released

What I realized recently after talking to some of our customers that they do not know about some of the useful features we have implemented. So I decided to start describing some of them.
One of the feature which is pretty useful is ability to generate SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE SQL statements directly from Results Grid. This functionality is available if you right click in Results Grid and select "Generate" menu item. You also can select multiple areas in Result Grid by holding Ctrl key.
Recently released version 3.15 has two new nice features. Both of them are on Script Editor pop up menu. In Script Editor click on database object name then right click and select menu item "Script Object to new Window". Object definition should open in new window, or you can select "Sync Object View" and if object found in Object view it will be made visible.
Now I started working on version 3.16. Main changes in 3.16 will be around Script Editor. Editor will support column selection / copy /paste mode.